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Make a Contribution.

Make a Difference!

Several guests have asked us if they can directly help the people and families that they meet or see during their time in Nicaragua. They would like to make a direct contribution that would make an immediate difference.  Below are some opportunities to directly assist people and families that are associated with the hotel or that live in the 'callejón' nearby. The hotel will assist (at no cost) by supervising the purchase of materials and making sure that projects proceed and are completed as described. 

See us in Reception or use the Contact Us form and let us know how you'd like to help.  Thank you!

$10        $20        $30        $40        $50        $100        $200

PROJECT #1 - Callejón Tejada

Twelve families​- toilets, showers, interior flooring, road paving and drainage. Located next to the hotel.


Started: March, 2017

- Total Approx Cost: $5,000

- Amount Raised: $1,300


Installed to date....

  Toilets: 2

  Showers: 1

  Wash areas: 1

Notes: These families were recently gifted their land by the government after being uncertain about their land-rights for many years. They currently have dug-hole toilets that don't flush.

PROJECT #2 - Callejón Tejada

Safe electrical wiring for the street and family homes


Started: March, 2017

- Total Cost: $540,  $45 each family

- Amount Raised: $0

- Installed: 0

Notes: The wiring and electrical boxes in the callejón are old and dangerous. For the safety of the families this needs to be updated.

Callejon Tejada



PROJECT - Baez Family​, Shower Room with Flushing Toilet.  (Parque Sandino)



Started: February, 2017

- Total Cost: $175

- Amount Raised: $175

Notes: They would like to build a toilet with shower and handbasin and connect to the new sewer line. Currently they don't have a flushing toilet. 

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